In this class Foundational principles of effective Bible study will be applied for personal study and small group Bible study leadership. Observational skills of the English text will be developed through hands-on activities and assignments. 

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This Class Starts October 11, 2020

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Hermeneutical principles will be applied to various biblical genres with the goal of equipping the learner to interpret the text based on its historical/cultural and literary context. Application of the meaning of the text for spiritual formation will be emphasized as well. The first couple of weeks this class studies the biblical interpretation of inductive methods, genres, and research tools. Students will be able to determine the original meaning and contemporary significance of biblical texts (hermeneutics). Students will be able to identify allegories, parables, types, symbols, personifications, hyperboles, similes, metaphors, ironies, metonymies, synecdoche’s in the Bible. This class will give an introduction to biblical interpretation discussing inductive methods, genres, and research tools. This class also introduces you to the fundamentals of biblical exegesis (the detailed analysis of individual biblical texts).

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Up to 3hours

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Scripture Interpretation



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Dr. Kenneth Howard
Dr. Kenneth HowardProfessor of Hebrew Studies, Practical Ministry, & Systematic Theology
He is the Senior Pastor of New Breed Assembly, Adjunct Professor at multiple universities, community colleges, and seminaries in the Detroit, MI area....

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