Diploma Program

HAI Traditional Diploma Program is to provide theological and ministerial training that is concise, practical, and specific to ministry. This program provides students with an opportunity to educate themselves in the Scriptures and Hebrew Faith and better prepare themselves for service in a congregational setting.

The Hebrew Academy International provides theological and biblical training to increase the faith and enhance sound doctrinal beliefs of the student. This program is designed to train students who are called to express their faith through leadership in the Assemblies and beyond.

The program provides the bases for the work of congregational leaders, be it teaching, working with children or youth, ministry of helps, or musicians. Through study, ministry leadership teams (peer interaction) and reflection, students will exercise the vocation of the Assemblies to expand and sharpen their career helps ministry responsibilities.

The Diploma Program consists of 80 quarter credit hours (20 courses). The program offers a distinctive approach to theological education in a number of ways. Above all, course work is grounded in an ethics-praxis orientation, meaning that the initial block of courses you take is geared to practical training, set in an ethical framework. The Diploma program involves information, formation, and critical reflection in our curricular path and specialized fields of interest. A Diploma is awarded upon completion the circular path and other requirements. Anyone, regardless of educational background, may enroll in the Diploma program.

Diploma Program classes are designed to meet specific program objectives. All students stay together until all the classes are completed. Students can take as many classes offered at a time. Required classes only meets once a week for up to 3 1/2 hours. Classes in the program are a required component. Classes combine lecture and teacher/student interaction. Instructional methods in the program integrate the following:
• practical experience and theory through assignments
• mini-lectures
• seminars
• case studies
• simulations, small group discussions,
• projects related to the student’s specialization

All returning students have the choice to:

  1. continue in the Diploma program. Diploma program in a teach out; no new enrollments permitted
  2. matriculate into one of the newly offered credentials/degree programs. Students must communicate intentions by September 15 or will default to Certificate program