Curricular Info

Our Curriculm is designed for people who want to deepen and enrich their spiritual life through Hebrew Heritage Studies, theological studies, biblical understanding, exploration of their call to ministry, and/or who want some limited ministerial training.

As adults, we've got a lot on our plates. Education is a priority, but in reality, family and work come first. With our program, you can still build your faith, the skills, and knowledge you need, but with a class schedule entirely controlled by you. You can take one course or the maximum of five during any given Semester. You can accomplish your goals through our Academy through a self-paced or an individualized programs offer that offers you a great amount of flexibility, and allow you to move through your Academy at your own pace, speeding up or slowing down as you deem necessary.

Any course can be taken in a physical classroom or through online distant learning. Any course can be taken for credit hours towards graduation or treated as a non-credit seminar/workshop or audited course.

Over 40 Courses are offered over a schedule year (fall, winter, spring and summer). Courses are scheduled to accommodate those still involved in daytime employment. Courses and seminars/audits are normally taught during evening hours. Some courses and seminars are offered on weekends and as summer weeklong intensives.

Our students and auditors will find a wide selection of courses. A current course schedule is available. The course schedule will provide the name of the instructor, day, and time for each class. All required classes are offered at least once every school year.