Curricular Description

At HAOD students will find a wide selection of courses. A current course schedule is available. The course schedule will provide the name of the instructor, day, and time for each class. All required classes are offered at least once every school year. Courses currently offered by HAOD are:

All Classes are worth 4 credit hours.

HB1001 Hebrews to Negroes I                                     
HB2001 Hebrews to Negroes II                                     
HB2001 Hebrews to Negroes III                                    
L1002 Paleo Hebrew Language                                     
B1001 Curses of Deuteronomy 28: Expanded Edition      
CH2001 Church History the Untold Truth                       
HR2001 Hermeneutics / Scripture Interpretation             
B1002 Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures                       
B1003 New Testament/Non-Greek View                         
E1000 Hebrew Faith Apologetics/ Evangelism                  
H3001 Hebrew Tribes of Africa                                      
DN4000 Decoding E1B1a DNA                                      
SN2000 Sacred Name/Tetragammatron Studies              
CH3002 Paganism of the Christian Church
B2001 The Sabbaths
B3001 Biblical Feasts

64 quarter credit hours (16 classes) from Core Courses

L1002Paleo Hebrew
H4001 Hebrew Migration
PR2040 Prophetic History and Future of Judah
L2002 Modern Hebrew
H3030 10 Lost Tribes of Israel: Where are they today?
B4001 Biblical Law vs. Biblical Grace
ES3000 Eschatology: What Does It Mean for Hebrews?
ED2001 Teaching Hebrew Faith to Children
W2220 Hebrew Worship for Singers & Musicians
W3000 Hebrew Worship and Arts
W4000 Hebrew Liturgical Dance
AS2000 Hebrew Arts and Culture
TH3001 Black Liberation Theology
LD2000 Leadership
HO2002 Homiletics
CR3001 The Life & Teachings of the Messiah/Mashiach
RL2999 Hebrew Camps, Cults & Comparative Religions
PC1003 Pastoral Counseling
HS3333 Gifts/Fruit of the Spirit
MN3000 5 Fold Ministry
SP1000 Spirituality Formation
DT1001 Biblical Dietary Customs
DT2001 Ecological Food and Farming Systems
HL4000 Homestead Living
BU1001 Introduction to Business/Entrepreneurship
BU2001 Economic Co-op
BU3001 Graphic Design
PR2020 The Prophetic Ministry
PR2030 Prophecies of the Hebrew People
SW3000 Deliverance / Inner Healing
GE4000 Flat vs. Spherical Earth: A Biblical Explanation
L1001 Greek Language
CH2002 Religious Polity
M1000 Global Missions
SW2000 Spiritual Warfare
AD1200 Assembly/Church Administration
PR2200 Principles of Prayer
PM2300 Practical Ministry
W2200 Sacerdotal Functions
W1000 Writing Classes
WT3999 Ancient Hebraic Womanhood

Pick up to 16 quarter credit hours (4 classes) from electives The Diploma requires 80 quarter credit hours (20 courses) to complete with a total of 64 quarters credit hours from core courses and 16 quarter hours from electives. Up to 12 credit hours may be transferred from similar training or accredited institution. A Diploma is awarded upon the completion of graduation requirements. All classes must be completed with at least a C average. For a description of each course, please go to the Curricular Descriptions of this website.