Financial Aid

Althoughwe do not offer federally funded aid programs, HAI does offer scholarships, based on available funds, to students who qualify. Financial aid awards apply toward the cost of tuition only. All students are guaranteed fair and equal treatment in the awarding of financial aid. Accepted applicants may request a Scholarship packet.

A Student may apply for a scholarship through the Academy. It is very important that the student applies in a timely manner and that he/she follows up on any scholarship if a response has not been received within two to four weeks. Scholarship guidelines are strict, and if all information is not submitted within certain time limits, the student will be ineligible for a scholarship. Students are encouraged to contact HAI for more information.

Students should either mail or bring the form and required documents to the administrative offices by the following deadlines. Applications postmarked after the deadline will not be considered.

  • Fall Quarter: Postmarked by June 30
  • Winter Quarter: Postmarked by October 1
  • Spring Quarter: Postmarked by February 15
  • Summer Quarter: Postmarked by May 20