Payment Options

A student may arrange payment plans through the Administrative office. All students are expected to demonstrate integral character and honor the pay plan as arranged and agreed upon by the student and the Administrative office.

For those students that are not able to pay their tuition in full when applying for a program of study, we have three basic options for payment. These payment programs apply only to tuition fees; that do not include and Graduation Fees.

PLAN A:Payment of on student's total tuition bill for a course with a down payment of $3000.00 (U.S. Student) $1500.00 (International Students); payment in full of the balance of tuition within 90 days. A 15% reduction of the total tuition applies if payment is made in full of the within the 90 day period. NOTE: this does not include the other fees- books, matriculation or graduation fees.

PLAN B: Payment for each course ($150.00 U.S. Student; $75.00 International Student) before the first class. This will repeat for each course throughout the school year. A $10 late payment fee will be assessed to a student’s if he/she fails to make payment for tuition by the third week of a course. Students who have not paid by the end of the last class of a course will receive notification of possible withdrawal from the program. NOTE: this does not include the other fees- books, application, registration, matriculation or graduation fees.

PLAN C: $300.00 on the total of the tuition fee along with a monthly payment which will be arranged with the Hebrew Academy office. Monthly payments are to be made until the balance is paid in full. Textbooks, matriculation, graduation or other related fees are not included in this monthly payment schedule. Interest charges will be added if monthly payments are missed.