Degree Programs

If you wish to enhance your service to the context inwhich you serve, whether as a Moreh (hebraic teacher) or a committed to learn the truth about the scriptures and it's people, you may take advantage of one of our special programs developed at HAI. Our Degree programs are designed to meet you where you are in your journey of faith and service and to help you to reach a new level.

Our programs currently offered are….


  • Hebrew Personal Development Auditing Program


  • Certificate of Hebrew Studies
  • Certificate of Hebrew Surveyed Studies (Anah School)

Associate of Arts

  • Associate of Arts in Biblical Hebraic Studies


  • Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Hebraic Studies


  • Master of Divinity in Hebrew Studies-Apologetics & Cosmogony (M.Div)
  • Master of Arts in Hebrew Studies-History & Education (nested-earned on the way to Ph.D.)
  • Master of Arts in Hebrew Studies-Concentration Bible & Scripture Interpretation
  • Master of Arts in Hebrew Studies-Concentration Hebrew Apologetics
  • Master of Arts in Hebrew Studies-Concentration Interdisciplinary


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Hebrew Studies-History & Education (Ph.D.)

All returning students have the choice to:

  1. continue in the Diploma program. Diploma program in a teach out; no new enrollments permitted
  2. matriculate into one of the newly offered credentials/degree programs. Students must communicate intentions by September 15 or will default to Certificate program

Explore Our Degree Programs

Certificate of Hebrew Studies

 Certificate of Hebrew Studies

The Certificate of Hebrew Studies will provide the essentials of the Great Hebrew Awakening.  The Certificate of Hebrew Studies will equip the learner with an overview of the Hebraic lifestyle. Minimum 33 credit hours must be completed. High School Diploma or equivalent, transcript required.