Grad Requirement

Before a student is eligible for graduation, one must complete the following areas Curricular Path, Final Exam, and Exit Interview.

At HAOD students will find a wide selection of courses. A current course schedule is available. The course schedule will provide the name of the instructor, day, and time for each class. All required classes are offered at least once every school year. The Diploma requires 80 quarter credit hours (20 courses) to complete with a total of 64 quarters credit hours from core courses and 16 quarter hours from electives. Up to 12 credit hours may be transferred from similar training or accredited institution.

A Diploma is awarded upon the completion of graduation requirements. All classes must be completed with at least a C average. For a description of each course, please go to the Curricular Section of this catalog.

This Final Exam is a compendium of lectures, quizzes and homework assignments over the student’s time at HAOD. This is to gauge the competencies and to ensure that the student’s overall body of work is reflective in their understanding and praxis of ministry. This exam consists of 100 questions; these questions will consist of questions from every course taken at HAOD. The questions are multiple choices, true or false, analytical questions essay and fill in the blank type of questions. Students have 70 minutes to complete the exam.

To be eligible for graduation, each student must complete an exit interview with an advisor. During this interview the advisor will evaluate student’s spiritual and academic tracks. At this meeting each student needs to prove that since the program they have…..

Spiritual Track
• Demonstrated commitment to the Yah?
• Answered the call to ministry or service?
• Committed to a life of spiritual growth and maturity?
• Committed to faithful Bible reading and devotions?
• Affirmed and agrees with Hebrew Academy of Detroit’s Statement of Beliefs?
• Exhibited Good moral character?
• Demonstrate a level of Biblical and theological proficiency (knowledge).
• Been able to demonstrate a basic depth of learning consistent with the ministry to which he or she is called to?

Academic Track
• Completed all course work?
• Met all graduation requirements (See HAOD Graduation Checklist)