The Biblical standard is under great assault contemporarily and as Hebrew Academy International we intend to maintain the highest standard of clarity and candor where virtue and biblical principles are concerned. The board is bound to furthering the Kingdom of Yishara’el through formal education. Hebrew Academy International does not carry regional accreditation and is not currently registered with or in association with the U.S. Department of Education. All students enrolled will accept a quality education regardless of an accrediting group a school is accredited through.

Hebrew Academy International is a Self-accreditation institution where the process and status implies a degree of autonomy, on the part of Hebrew Academy International, to make decisions about academic offerings or learning. The faculty, administrators, and staff of the Hebrew Academy International will conduct a self-study using our organization’s set of expectations about quality (standards, criteria) as our guide. Accreditation will include the act of granting credit and recognition to the educational institution as to maintain set standards.

The members of the Hebrew Education Accreditation Board are scheduled to meet three times per calendar year: July, November, and March on the above-listed matters.