Dean's Office

Office of the Dean
Currently the Hebrew Academy International Office of the Dean is structured as:

Executive Team
 Dean of Students
o Debra C. Cotton
 Information Technology
o Timothy Kinnie

The Executive Team is responsible for decision making in determining semester start
dates, curriculum research, curriculum updates, creation of new courses, platforms for
delivery of courses, etc.

Student Guidance Team

Enrollment Services
 Academic Advisor – Advise students in registration, completion of degree plan for
each enrolled student, academic petitions, advanced standing, answering questions
and concerns of our students regarding degree completion
o Coleen Johnson
o Dionne Jones
o Sonya Cooke
 Academic Evaluator – review Academic Degree Plans, Academic Catalog, Course
o Debra C. Cotton
o Carl Poythress

 Admissions/Enrollment Counselor – review enrollment applications, admit/enroll
students in appropriate program, answer questions and concerns regarding
enrollment requirements and options
o Ronn Hill
o Rhonda Jones

 Transcript Evaluator – review transcripts, to be certain that they align with program
enrollment requirements