Class Syllabuses

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L1002Paleo Hebrew
H4001 Hebrew Migration
PR2040 Prophetic History and Future of Judah
L2002 Modern Hebrew
HB1001 Hebrews to Negroes I                       
HB2001 Hebrews to Negroes II                                     
HB2001 Hebrews to Negroes III                                    
L1002 Paleo Hebrew Language                                     
B1001 Curses of Deuteronomy 28: Expanded Edition      
CH2001 Church History the Untold Truth                       
HR2001 Hermeneutics / Scripture Interpretation             
B1002 Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures                       
B1003 New Testament/Non-Greek View                         
E1000 Hebrew Faith Apologetics/ Evangelism                  
H3001 Hebrew Tribes of Africa                                      
DN4000 Decoding E1B1a DNA                                      
SN2000 Sacred Name/Tetragammatron Studies              
CH3002 Paganism of the Christian Church
B2001 The Sabbaths
B3001 Biblical Feasts
H3030 10 Lost Tribes of Israel: Where are they today?
B4001 Biblical Law vs. Biblical Grace
ES3000 Eschatology: What Does It Mean for Hebrews?
ED2001 Teaching Hebrew Faith to Children
W2220 Hebrew Worship for Singers & Musicians
W3000 Hebrew Worship and Arts
W4000 Hebrew Liturgical Dance
AS2000 Hebrew Arts and Culture
TH3001 Black Liberation Theology
LD2000 Leadership
HO2002 Homiletics
CR3001 The Life & Teachings of the Messiah/Mashiach
RL2999 Hebrew Camps, Cults & Comparative Religions
PC1003 Pastoral Counseling
HS3333 Gifts/Fruit of the Spirit
MN3000 5 Fold Ministry
SP1000 Spirituality Formation
DT1001 Biblical Dietary Customs
DT2001 Ecological Food and Farming Systems
HL4000 Homestead Living
BU1001 Introduction to Business/Entrepreneurship
BU2001 Economic Co-op
BU3001 Graphic Design
PR2020 The Prophetic Ministry
PR2030 Prophecies of the Hebrew People
SW3000 Deliverance / Inner Healing
GE4000 Flat vs. Spherical Earth: A Biblical Explanation
L1001 Greek Language
CH2002 Religious Polity
M1000 Global Missions
SW2000 Spiritual Warfare
AD1200 Assembly/Church Administration
PR2200 Principles of Prayer
PM2300 Practical Ministry
W2200 Sacerdotal Functions
W1000 Writing Classes
WT3999 Ancient Hebraic Womanhood