Q. What is blended learning?
A. Blended learning can mean different things to different people. But it also provides a working definition currently being used by the Hebrew Academy; blended learning courses are instructor-designed and supervised environments that use face-to-face and technology-mediated channels to enhance interactive, engaging learning experiences and to improve student learning outcomes. “Interactive” and “engaging” is that blended learning and active learning are linked in important ways.
Q. Are blended learning and on-line learning basically the same thing?
Q. How do I turn in homework and take tests?
Q. What's it like to be an online student?
Q. What Internet skills would be helpful in an online class?
Q. What equipment and software do I need to be an online student?
Q. Do I have to own a computer to enroll in an online class?
Q. What can I expect from my professor?
Q. Who are the Original Hebrews of Scripture?
Q. Is salvation based on race/identity?
Q. Didn’t the Church replace Israel?
Q. Why does the Hebrew Academy teach the Old Testament?
Q. Do you have any tips for online students?
Q. Where can I get materials and books?
Q. Why does the Hebrew Academy insist on the name Yahuah? He has many names.
Q. If Yahuah is the true Name of the Creator, why is it not in my King James Bible?
Q. We speak English, so why should we use a Hebrew name?
Q. Why not change other Bible names, then?
Q. Where can I find proof that the true name of the Almighty is Yahuah?
Q. What about the Savior’s name?
Q. How do we know the Creator spoke Hebrew?
Q. But aren’t the Feasts Jewish and done away at the cross?
Q. What is your mission and who can be included?
Q. Why do you emphasize the importance of the Name and the Sabbath?