Matthew 28:18-20 is known as “The Great Commission” but what does this mean for the awakened Hebrew? What does The Great Commission mean in a Hebraic context? What does evangelism mean in the awakening?

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This Class Starts October 11, 2021

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About this course

In this new course Minister Onleilove Chika Alston, MSW, M.Div. will share about the importance of missions and evangelism in a Hebraic context. She will share from her travels as one of the few awakened African American Hebrews to visit torah keeping Hebrews in West Africa. She will also share lessons concerning urban missions from her work in America as a faith based community organizer. 


What you'll learn

We will look at examples of missions and evangelism in the Tankh and New Testament. We will examine lessons from The Great Hebrew Awakening Bahamas mission and the assembly resulting from this mission. Students will learn the importance of cross cultural sensitivity in missions, the role of the: Hebraic Missionary, the Hebraic Evanglist and the Hebraic Apostle in taking the Besorah (The Good News) to the entire world and how you can join this work.
We will share the legacy of racism in European Christian missions and how to avoid the pitfalls of conducting Hebraic missions from a oppressive paradigm. We will also share practical tools for missions fundraising, medical missions and missions in your local context through projects of mercy, justice and Tikkun. You will receive copies of Great Awakening Besorah tracks to distribute in a final missions project.








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The Hebraic Call to Missions



Meet the instructor

Morah Onleilove Alston
Morah Onleilove AlstonProfessor of Liberation Theology and Hebrew History
Onleilove (pronounce Onlylove) Chika Alston, founder of Prophetic Whirlwind: Uncovering the Black Biblical Destiny was born and raised in East New York, Brooklyn...

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