E1000 Hebrew Apologetics

Want to know how to defend your Hebraic faith? Want to share the awakening message effectivly with others? This course will be your guide to learn to do just that.

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About this course

This course is designed to equip the Hebrew Believer with foundational training in how to strategically and accurately defend their Hebrew identity and the sacred Word of Yah. This class is designed to develop the student’s knowledge and skill in Hebrew Faith apologetics.

What you'll learn

  • why ethnicity places an important role in the scriptures
  • personal as well as models of historical, linguistic, cultural, and biblical methodologies of defending the Hebraic faith.
  • tools and techniques to share the awakening message with others from a scholarly and biblical perspective.
  • 8 Weeks of Instructions.








Up to 3hours

$150 USD Stdnt*

Hebrew Apologetics



Meet the instructor

Pastor Kelly Richardson
Pastor Kelly RichardsonPastor and Founder of ‘Passion For Reconciliation Ministry PFR' in Richmond, VA.
PFR is a ministry dedicated to seeing the people of YAH move forward, in their walk with YAH, their walk with family, and their walk in life....

*Price of classes may very depending on the status you chose on the application. Price for each course is $150 USD for US students, $75 USD for international students. Price for US auditors is $120 USD and $60 USD for international auditors.